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What will you find in Roadworthy?

Roadworthy is a community whose members consist of those who work and have an interest in the automotive sector.  Keeping track of what’s going on in this global industry is a challenge for all of us. We keep a close eye on the thought leaders; industry influencers, researchers, bloggers, magazines, the suppliers and the buyers - and we bring the latest insights and research straight to you.

What topics do we cover?

Here are some of the topics we cover in Roadworthy:

  • New cars, commercial vehicles and trucks being released by auto manufacturers
  • Vehicle innovations such as hybrids, electric cars EV, self-driving autonomous cars, pre-collision systems
  • New commercial auto technology – GPS systems, telematics
  • How consumers go about buying cars
  • How vehicles are serviced and maintained
  • How businesses manage vehicle fleets
  • Developments in the trucking industry
  • The aftermarket and OEM parts industry
  • Regulation and legislation that affects the auto industry

Tell us what you’re interested in! We want to respond to what members’ interests are and evolve the conversation as the industry changes.

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