Automotive Finance Insight Report - Snapshot

The 2015 Automotive Finance Insight eBook is an in-depth analysis of the Australian market detailing how consumers finance the purchase of vehicles and how it relates to their decision over which car to buy. The insights provided are critical to understanding consumer behaviour, trends and attitudes when choosing between automotive finance products & providers.

ACA Research surveyed 810 consumers that have bought vehicle finance since 2013. The sample included new and used car buyers throughout Australia across a variety of vehicle brands and price ranges. The report features research results on:

  • The average consumer vehicle purchase journey
  • The top choices for purchase in the automotive market
  • The online purchase journey that automotive finance consumers undertake
  • The percentage of consumers who purchase automotive finance at a dealership
  • Who the top lenders of automotive finance are within Australia
  • Who the top insurance providers are within Australia
  • And hundreds more results surrounding automotive finance...

The full 164 page report is an extensive and valueable insight into the adoption of telematics and the role that telematics plays in road freight transport compliance. The report is currently priced at $5,950 AUD (excluding GST) and is available for purchase now.

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