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Keeping an Eye on The Financial Review

Telematics, its capabilities and its value for business has been a topic of much debate not only on the ACA blog and the wider web but also in the marketplace.

The Financial Review has entered the fray with their latest article Keeping an Electronic Eye On The Road. The article has a look at the telematics industry and its future in Australia. Steve Nuttall our Automotive Research Director is one of the sources they turn to. In the article he mentions the maturity curve for telematics adoption, the spread of telematics across the industry and the features or lack of features being used by Australian Businesses.

If you would like to read the original article follow this link

Keeping an electronic eye on the road

Or if you would like an in depth look at the maturity curve Steve was talking about and the challenges facing telematics adoption have a look at his recent blog by following this link.

The Telematics Maturity Curve

Finally if you are more interested in the spread of telematics across Australian business click the link below.

New Automotive Research: The Use of Telematics In Road Freight Transport Companies

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