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2020 Fleet Insights Reports

Uncover The Facts Behind The Fleet

While 2020 has been an incredibly confronting year, many have taken it as an opportunity for reflection and review, actively working to identify new opportunities or areas for improvement. We believe that robust and reliable data is a key input to this process, empowering decision makers to move forward with confidence.

The 2020 Fleet Insights program provides this data. Whether your business supports Corporate Fleets of 200 vehicles, or Small Fleets of five, our reports will provide you with the necessary insights to inform your strategy for 2021 and beyond. 

  • How is technology impacting fleet decision making?
  • Who are the major players in the telematics industry?
  • What is the impact of COVID-19 on how businesses move their people?
  • How are fleets maintaining their vehicles?  

Get in touch now to unlock the answers to these questions and more. We know that you will find our series of 2020 Fleet Insights reports to be valuable and insightful tools that support your decision making, helping you better focus your business planning, strategy and marketing activities.


More About The Program

Corporate Fleet Insights Report

Despite making up less than 5% of vehicle-owning businesses, Corporate Fleets own almost two thirds of Australia’s business vehicles. This includes a diverse mix of passenger, light and heavy commercial vehicles, creating an incredibly complex operating environment with significant challenges. This report draws out valuable insights into the key trends that have impacted the fleet industry over the past two years. More specifically, it delivers critical insights around the size, composition, attitudes, and behaviours of the Corporate Fleet sector, providing a basis for better decision making for you and your organisation.

Small Fleet Insights Report

Small Fleets with under 20 vehicles account for 95% of vehicle-owning businesses, operating 1.4 million of Australia’s businesses vehicles. Given their smaller size, and (typically) less structured operating environment, those responsible for managing these fleets are faced with a unique set of issues, most notably vehicle running costs, and the complex requirements around COVID-19. This report will unpack the challenges they face in their day to day fleet management, providing insights into the opportunities to help them address and overcome the extreme market changes they face in 2020.

Corporate Fleet Telematics Insights Summary Report

As technology in the automotive industry continues to evolve, Corporate Fleets are increasingly using telematics to monitor vehicle usage, driver behaviour and broader regulatory compliance. This report explores the scale and scope of telematic usage in business fleets, evaluating how the level of maturity has evolved compared to 2018, and identifying the main features shaping the market.

Fleet Servicing Insights Summary Report

There are currently 460,000 fleet businesses in Australia operating ~3.9million vehicles. Factoring in their annual spending across both servicing and maintenance and tyre replacement and repairs, that is a sizeable opportunity. This report explores the nuances in fleet servicing behaviours, evaluating the performance of different providers, and identifying the key opportunities within the sector.

Employee Mobility Insights Summary Report

Employee mobility has been profoundly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic by concerns about hygiene and social distancing. This report identifies the most significantly-impacted businesses, and how they have pivoted in response to the current situation. It then looks to a post-COVID-19 world, exploring the implications this will have on employee mobility world, and what will be required to move forward with confidence.

Electric Vehicle Adoption in Fleets Report

This report represents the largest study of Australia’s fleet marketplace on EV adoption, with the 177 organisations who took part representing almost 70,000 vehicles. This report explore the barriers to EV adoption, and possible solutions which might help Australian fleets on this journey. The information and insights in this report are designed to provide a status check for organisational transition to zero emissions vehicles, inform and empower suppliers of products and services to Australian fleets, as well as policy makers at all levels of government.