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Access a range of fieldwork services to ensure all your data needs are delivered promptly and to the highest standards


A dedicated, professional resource


Skilled at accessing and engaging key decision-makers


Hard-to-reach audiences a speciality

Our Commitment To You

With over twenty-five years’ experience behind us, we have seen and dealt with a wide cross-section of projects, both big and small, challenging and straightforward. We will find you a solution.

We pride ourselves on the knowledge and intelligence of our interviewers, who are specially selected for their ability to access and connect with all levels of those making decisions about your category, product or brand. We regularly talk to business owners, CEOs and other senior executives and we know:

  • How to tap into the different levels at which decisions to use a product, brand or service are made
  • How to reach the audiences in the most appropriate manner
  • The different industry environments and how they work

Our project management and data support services mean that the information you need will be delivered in the way you need it and interrogated to ensure it is of the highest quality. We will take the worry out of the process for you, by providing you with timely updates on the status of your project and taking ownership of any issues that may arise along the way.

Our team strictly adheres to Code Of Conduct protocols and Guidelines as specified by the Australian Market and Social Research Society (AMSRS) and Association of Market and Social Research Organisations (AMSRO) and we undertake survey response integrity checks and thorough data cleansing to support our quality commitment to you.

Case Study Examples of Our Fieldwork Services

Contact Centre Ops

Our In-house Dedicated Research Contact Centre Allows Us Full Control of the Fieldwork Process

Our major point of difference is the ability to handle complex projects, whether they are in challenging niche markets or complicated surveys. This is possible because these projects are managed by experienced staff with a focus on consistent and measurable quality of service.

Our CATI, fieldwork agents are as adept at extracting valuable information from farmers as they are in dealing with company CEOs, or retirees taking a call at home.

Our Local Knowledge Powers Our Decisions

From our fauna and flora to the way we make decisions, Australia is a very unique country. We are more than happy to share with our clients all of our local knowledge so that, together we avoid the pitfalls of conducting global research in Australia.

Recent Projects We Have Conducted

  • Telephone interviews with 500 mechanics and workshop managers across Australia for a major manufacturer of auto-parts to define opportunities – in terms of key messaging and activities - to better support their distributor network
  • Targeted recruitment of arable farmers across Australia to participate in in-depth research interviews to better understand their current buying behaviour and attitudes towards petsicides
  • An audit of the dealership network for a leading global car manufacturer to assess the performance of Sales, Service and Spare Parts departments in accordance with prescribed standards

Our Analytic Services Aim To Support You At All Stages

Supported by experienced technical and data management specialists, our team can offer you the following services that can be tailored to your needs:

  • Scripting and hosting online surveys
  • Data entry, cleaning and coding
  • Running frequency tables, cross-tabulations and regression analysis
  • Charting and data visualisation
  • Presentation and report writing
  • Interactive online reporting dashboards


The ACA Research team were a blast to work with! We needed a competent vendor that we could almost go on "autopilot" with. We trusted you guys to execute the job while we kind of relaxed a bit, and it worked!


A satisfied ACA Research client 

 ACA Research


Experience And Expertise Is What Drives Us

Information is the currency of business and organisations require ever more timely, quality data and insight to help them make the important decisions impacting their business.

We pride ourselves on being able to interpret our clients’ informational needs and map out the optimal approach for getting them the information they require, efficiently, effectively and accurately.

With our dedicated team of skilled interviewers, logistical planning support and unparalleled data and project management expertise we can rise to the challenge of any brief and produce outputs and outcomes that delight our clients.

From accessing, engaging and interviewing key-decision-makers through to testing and evaluating of your key touch-points with your customer we can provide you with an approach that meets your needs and budget.