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2018 Corporate Fleet Insights: The Facts Behind The Fleet



Corporate fleets own almost two thirds of Australia’s business vehicles. The 19,000 companies with more than 20 vehicles operate more than 2.1m passenger, light commercial and heavy commercial vehicles, with the diversity of the fleets they are managing creating significant challenges for the business. CFOs focus on operational efficiency also creates substantial pressure on fleet managers to reduce fleet costs, and ‘do more with less’.

In this environment, many fleet managers choose to focus on day to day operations, as against making decisions about how they could increase asset utilisation, more effectively manage employee mobility or prepare their fleet for upcoming changes to accounting standards. This suggests that corporate fleet decision makers still have a significant unmet need for education and support, with the inaugural ACA Research Corporate Fleet Insights Report bringing together critical insights that can be used to design effective products, services and go to market strategies for this sector.
cfi - Corporate Fleet Insights.png

The report features comprehensive insights into:

  • Market size and growth prospects
  • FMO usage
  • Grey fleet usage
  • Purchasing behaviours
  • Brand preferences
  • Finance behaviour
  • Lenders
  • Novated leasing

We know that you will find the ACA Research Corporate Fleet Insights Report to be an insightful and valuable tool that supports your business decision making, and helps you better focus your business planning, strategy and marketing activities.