Employee Mobility

Evolving personal and business transport

2018 Employee Mobility Insights Report

Welcome to the latest in corporate mobility insights from ACA Research. 


The employee mobility market is on the cusp of change. Traditionally, employee-owned vehicles, taxis and rental cars have been the preferred transport options for businesses over and above company-owned vehicles and looking at the current market this remains the case. However, our research highlights that this may not be true for long. New entrants to the market are rapidly growing in popularity and have the potential to disrupt the employee mobility market.

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Ride sharing, in particular, is gaining increasing prominence in the business market.  A third of companies with a business fleet currently use ride sharing, and a large section of this group expects to increase their utilisation of ride sharing even further in the coming year.

This report provides valuable insight into the mobility trends playing out in the business fleet market. It profiles the types of businesses that are leading the way in diversifying their mobility strategy, as well as profiling the businesses that are likely to be slower to turn away from traditional modes of transport. 

We know you will find the ACA Research Employee Mobility Insights Report to be an insightful and valuable tool that supports your business decision making and helps you focus your marketing activities.