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Vehicle Pooling in Australian Fleets

Talk to a fleet management organisation or telematics provider about what they offer, and one benefit that will be discussed is increased fleet efficiency. Helping fleets work out how they can use their vehicles more, and ultimately reduce their overall fleet size. In our recent fleet research, we saw that businesses planning to reduce their fleet size in the year ahead are more likely to be using telematics, so they do also seem to be delivering on that promise. 

One way of achieving this is pooled or shared company vehicles, with FMOs (e.g. Toyota Fleet Management) and telematics providers (e.g. Teletrac Navman) both offering this functionality to clients. We explored vehicle pooling in a bit more detail in our fleet research, measuring the extent of its use within the Australia fleet marketplace. As can be seen below, while a certain number of small fleets use pooled vehicles, I'd suggest that this is more likely to link back to use cases built around employee shifts or similar considerations. As we move up to larger fleets however, vehicle pooling becomes more common, with fleets operating 50 or more vehicles typically operating with a higher level of sophistication and understanding of fleet optimisation.


You can find out more information about how Australian businesses manage their vehicles (including FMOs and telematics usage), in our 2018 fleet research reports. Contact Ben Selwyn directly.

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