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More Than Just Gut Feel – The Influence Of Gut Microbes On Our Health

At ACA Research we like nothing more than investigating areas of innovation within the healthcare space and, the point at which clinical medicine meets nature is always an area ripe with new developments.

This week the topic that has grabbed our interest is that of the impact that the variety and type of microbes in our gastrointestinal system may have on our health.

Topics: Healthcare Research nutrition Health Gut Health Microbiome

All Creatures Great And Small – Understanding The World Of A Zoo Nutritionist & Animal Health

ACA Research was recently lucky enough to interview Michelle Shaw, the resident Nutritionist at Taronga Zoo. As one of only a handful of zoo nutritionists worldwide, we were interested in finding out a little more about Michelle’s world - animal health and how one actually goes about managing the dietary requirements of a massively diverse range of animals.

Topics: Animal Health Research nutrition animal nutrition

Wild Wound-Care – Natural Evolution In A Taxing Topic

Wound-care is a highly diverse and fragmented market to study and in our quest to bring you interesting healthcare snapshots, we are putting a lens on this intriguing and innovative space, with a focus on wound-care products that straddle the line between nature and science.

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