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Exploring The 2019 Australian Car & Truck Parc

As we move into the second half of the year, the Australian Bureau of Statistics is starting to release more detail from its 2019 Motor Vehicle Census, letting us dig into the Australian car parc at a national, and state level.

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Half of Australia’s workforce reports businesses are under-utilising their skills

93 per cent of organisations are currently investing in training and development programs but only 44 per cent of employees consider their training and development to be effective 

Monday, 18 March 2019:  Almost half of the Australian workforce believes their skills are under-utilised and the training they are offered could be far more effective according to new research from Commonwealth Bank (CBA). 

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Is The Future Medium Duty?

41,426 new trucks were sold in 2018, finally breaking a long-standing record, and setting the industry on its way to deliver to the growing Australian freight task. This result was largely driven by the Heavy Duty segment, with the 14,326 trucks sold making up a third of the total volume, and putting HD up 21% on 2017.

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3 Facts About Electric Vehicles in Australia

While we spend a lot of time talking about electric vehicles, it can be difficult to define the extent to which they've penetrated the Australian car parc. Luckily, we have the ABS to help out, with the release of more data from the January 2018 Motor Vehicle Census allowing us to delve into this topic in a lot more detail.

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Amazon in Australia might not be the end of retail as we know it

By Gary Mortimer, Queensland University of Technology

After months of teasing, Amazon will reportedly “greatly expand” its online offer in Australia over the next year. The move has been predicted to “decimate retailing as we know it”, but the sky will not fall in. Our shopping centres won’t close and retail will survive.

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Australian SME Efficiency Rising, But Progress Hampered by Lack of Finance and Skilled Staff: Survey

Sydney, 31 August 2017 – OKI Data Australia, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, has released its 2017 OKI SME Business Efficiency Survey.

The survey, the third in an annual series, provides insights into how the nation's more than two million small and mid-sized enterprises are working to become more efficient and boost growth. The results also demonstrate how perceptions have changed during the past 12 months.

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Future Vehicles Will Revolutionise Freight Logistics

 The vision of long-distance platoons of trucks all running on intelligent highways without drivers has been a topic for some years. But the reality is not far away.

To date heavy vehicle autonomous trials relate to individual trucks and do not examine how automation applies to combination vehicles or fleets.

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Getting the Most Value From Fleet Telematics

Almost half of Australian road transport fleets are now using telematics systems. Although they’ve become business critical for many operators, there’s still much work to be done before the current focus on effective fleet management is replaced by service innovation. So how will the industry get there?

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2016 Vehicle Sales – Trends In The Australian Automotive Market

Looking for some 2017 numbers? Click here for the year in review

We’ve shifted into high gear into 2017 and we’re nearly a quarter of the way around the track.   To know where we’re going it’s crucial we understand where we’ve been. It’s time to review 2016’s automotive sales and the impact of ongoing changes in the Australian car industry. In our review of the VFACTS annual sales data we summarise key trends in the automotive industry, highlight the winners and losers and pose the question: Are we reaching peak automotive?

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The Future Of Australian Road Transport

Understanding Australian road transport on the road to 2025

Cast your mind back to the mid-eighties, early nineties. Developments in technology moved at a far slower pace, and as a result, good examples of tech hung around for a while.

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