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The Recovery Playbook: Outbreaks risk derailing Australia's return to prosperity

April marked an important milestone for Australia, one year on from the main COVID outbreak of 2020. This allows for the comparison of a time of bleak outlook and uncertainty, with one where many economic indicators appear more in line with performance prior to the pandemic.

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The Australian COVID-19 Recovery – An Outlook for 2021

The Australian economy is poised for recovery as we leave behind a traumatic 2020. The combination of an extended period without new community cases, and the start of the vaccine rollout have brought a note of optimism to the community, driving increased confidence among both consumers and businesses as we look to the year ahead.

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Planning For Recovery - The COVID-19 Recovery Playbook

The devastating impact of COVID-19 on the Australian economy is clearly evident (as called out in our COVID-19 SME Sentiment Tracker), particularly as a resurgence of the virus in Victoria sees the state reinstating strict lockdown measures. Looking to the future though, we are hopeful the latest outbreak will be controlled, allowing Australian businesses to shift their focus away from survival, and towards recovery.

Given the unprecedented nature of this pandemic, it is hard to fathom the current state of the economy. We have therefore compiled a list of metrics that can be used to evaluate and monitor the health of the economy. We are making this recovery playbook available as a public resource, and will be updating it on a regular basis (as new data becomes available). 

At a high level, some of the early signs of recovery we saw have now retreated, with consumer and business confidence heading back down. Some specific themes are explored below. 

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Half of Australia’s workforce under-utilising skills

93 per cent of organisations are currently investing in training and development programs but only 44 per cent of employees consider their training and development to be effective 

Monday, 18 March 2019:  Almost half of the Australian workforce believes their skills are under-utilised and the training they are offered could be far more effective according to new research from Commonwealth Bank (CBA). 

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SME Efficiency Hampered by Lack of Finance and Skilled Staff

Sydney, 31 August 2017 – OKI Data Australia, a global manufacturer of business printers and multifunction devices, has released its 2017 OKI SME Business Efficiency Survey.

The survey, the third in an annual series, provides insights into how the nation's more than two million small and mid-sized enterprises are working to become more efficient and boost growth. The results also demonstrate how perceptions have changed during the past 12 months.

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Digital Disruption Changing Landscape Of Automotive Finance

The latest automotive industry research reveals how digital channels are changing the automotive finance customer journey.

2016 looks to be another record year for the Australian automotive industry, with new vehicle sales set to surpass the record set in 2015. With interest rates at historically low levels, car ownership is more affordable than ever before and total automotive lending commitments in the 2015-2016 financial year reached more than $15.5 billion.

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Vehicle Ownership versus Shared Car Services

Measuring ownership and sharing - the sharing economy is here 

According to our own research presented in the 5th Edition of the Australian Automotive Finance Insight (AFI - to be released), cost is the number one factor that ultimately determines whether a person will eventually buy or finance a car. Potential buyers carefully consider how much a new or used vehicle is going to cost them over the length of a finance contract, and thus factor in interest rates, monthly payments, fees etc. But with shared car services now available, us city folk now have a third option – car share.

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Auto Sales in Australia Set to Witness Paradigm Shift

There are two ways a manufacturer can sell to the public, either through its own channels or using franchises. As an example, General Motors, which also produces the Holden, is all for the franchise model, while Tesla, which entered the Australian market in late 2014, insists on selling its cars directly. 

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Eager Earners, Savvy Spenders but could be better budgeters

We recently conducted a major piece of research for the Commonwealth Bank Of Australia on the ‘Common Cents’ of young Australians’ financial literacy and knowledge.

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Businesses Focus on Growth Opportunities Despite Fall In Confidence

Media Release

Recent research conducted by ACA Research, commissioned by the Commonwealth Bank, and published as the Future Business Index reveals a drop in business confidence, decreasing from 14.3 to 10.4 over the last quarter.

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