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From Paddock To Plate, The Changing Face Of Pet Nutrition

 At ACA Research we like to keep an eye on hot topics and category shifts and, this week the changing world of cat and dog nutrition has grabbed our attention. After provision of veterinary services, purchasing of pet food is one of the biggest on-going expenditures an owner is likely to have for their pet (see our previous pet health research post Spend Intentions by Australian Pet Owners).

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The Sweet Truth – The Art of Managing Weight in Zoo Animals

This week’s blog features part 2 of our interview with Michelle Shaw, Nutritionist at Taronga Zoo and takes a look at an issue that concerns many of us, weight management.  While controlling the diet of zoo animals appears, on the surface, to be a reasonably straightforward task, it can come with its fair share of trials and tribulations. 

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All Creatures Great And Small – Understanding The World Of A Zoo Nutritionist & Animal Health

ACA Research was recently lucky enough to interview Michelle Shaw, the resident Nutritionist at Taronga Zoo. As one of only a handful of zoo nutritionists worldwide, we were interested in finding out a little more about Michelle’s world - animal health and how one actually goes about managing the dietary requirements of a massively diverse range of animals.

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