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Did you hear the one about the cow and the heart surgeon...?

At ACA Research, we always get excited to see our key industry sectors in the news. So imagine how excited we were to come across a recent Landline segment, that threw the spotlight on how the Australian beef cattle industry is helping patients suffering from aortic stenosis worldwide.

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From Paddock To Plate, The Changing Face Of Pet Nutrition

 At ACA Research we like to keep an eye on hot topics and category shifts and, this week the changing world of cat and dog nutrition has grabbed our attention. After provision of veterinary services, purchasing of pet food is one of the biggest on-going expenditures an owner is likely to have for their pet (see our previous pet health research post Spend Intentions by Australian Pet Owners).

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'At A Click' Pet Care - What's New In Pet Related Apps?

At ACA Research we keep abreast of developments in the market to help ensure that our pet care market research doesn’t just meet the needs of the here and now, but sets up our clients for the future.

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The Sweet Truth – The Art of Managing Weight in Zoo Animals

This week’s blog features part 2 of our interview with Michelle Shaw, Nutritionist at Taronga Zoo and takes a look at an issue that concerns many of us, weight management.  While controlling the diet of zoo animals appears, on the surface, to be a reasonably straightforward task, it can come with its fair share of trials and tribulations. 

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All Creatures Great And Small – Understanding The World Of A Zoo Nutritionist & Animal Health

ACA Research was recently lucky enough to interview Michelle Shaw, the resident Nutritionist at Taronga Zoo. As one of only a handful of zoo nutritionists worldwide, we were interested in finding out a little more about Michelle’s world - animal health and how one actually goes about managing the dietary requirements of a massively diverse range of animals.

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Future Focus - What Do Vets Believe The Practice Of 2020 Will Be Like?

Ever the explorers, we used our latest omnibus study of n=200 companion animal vets (October 2015) to ask a very important question – if vets had a crystal ball and could see 5 years into the future, what changes would they think veterinary practices and the profession in general would have undergone?

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New Veterinary Research Reveals Vexing Times For Australian Vets

A research study conducted amongst 200 companion animal Vets by ACA Research paints a picture of an Australian veterinary market that is facing more intense pressure than even two years ago.

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Online Shopping for Pet Food: Who, Where, and Why?

Do you want to communicate more effectively with pet owners?

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Spend Intentions by Australian Pet Owners

Do you want to communicate more effectively with pet owners? We've got another snapshot of the latest data and statistics looking at pet owner estimations of spend on their pets for the next 12 months and profiling by key spend groups to help you identify and reach high spenders. If you would like to download the snapshot please click here. Otherwise you can have a look at the infographic we've created below.

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What are breeders recommending? New release from the 2014 breeder study

Ever wondered what keeps cat and dog breeders up at night and what role they have in passing on product recommendations to the people buying puppies and kittens from them? The ACA Research Dog & Cat Breeder study can help you understand this audience, their preferences and their practices in more depth. Following on from the success of the recent breeder challenges article, this second release of findings focusing on breeder product recommendation practices is now available to download along with an infographic showcasing key findings from the study.

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