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The Technologies That Are Shaping The Fleet Of The Future

The top three technologies shaping the future of fleet management to 2025 are 1) connectivity 2) automation and 3) electrification according to a recent survey of fleet management executives conducted by ACA Research.

These new, advanced technologies and services are reshaping fleet management and challenging fleet managers to proactively plan, adapt and respond to growing customer expectations, while also reducing fleet operating costs and delivering more productivity with fewer resources. However, only 30% of fleet executives feel their businesses are well prepared for the impact of these technologies on the way they operate their fleets. 

Automotive fleet technologies in use

Looking at the automotive technologies that are currently being deployed and the technologies under consideration for 2020, ACA Research created a maturity model where the least mature fleets have limited use and consideration of these technologies, whereas the more mature fleets are using most of these technologies. 22% of fleets are classified as having a high level of maturity, 55% are of medium maturity and 23% are low maturity.

Among the technology mature fleets, the top three most commonly used technologies are dash cams (77%), vehicles fitted with ADAS features (74%) and driver and vehicles vehicle performance monitory systems (71%).

The adoption of ADAS features in the high maturity fleets is clear evidence that vehicles with some autonomous capabilities (level 2) are already here.

Future-Fleet Maturity-Curve

The high maturity fleets expect to have all these technologies deployed at some level in their fleet by the end of 2020, enabling their fleets to be connected, safe, productive and resource efficient. These businesses are evolving their fleets from being intelligent, to becoming optimised and innovative. Looking further ahead, we can expect the gap between the low and high maturity fleets to grow as the latter become part of a wider mobility and logistics ecosystem that is seamless, customised, on demand and safe.

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