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The Evolution of The Australian Telematics Market

Corporate Fleets are split on telematics. While many of them are currently using or considering telematics systems, we can also see a growing cohort who have walked away from the technology. This tells us that the offering still isn't quite right, particularly when it comes to our smaller and mid-sized fleets. 


To understand why the market is behaving in this way, we need to look at the usage patterns, and the expectations fleets have when they implement a telematics system. Our market segmentation explores this, identifying three distinct user cohorts in terms of the number and type of telematics features they are using. Based on this, we can draw insight into their underlying needs, expectations, and desired outcomes, which can help us understand the level of diversity required, and how challenging it might be for the industry to successfully deliver to these. 

Taking a step back, we also need to recognise that the industry has made significant progress over the past two years. Our segments vary in terms of their level of maturity, but each of them is more advanced than our overall fleet cohort was in 2018. This suggests that a key factor driving the change in market behaviour is a fundamental shift in customer expectations.


The 2020 Corporate Fleet Telematics Insights Report provides a deeper understanding of these segments, and their underlying needs. It also delivers insights more broadly, covering off the fleets most likely to adopt a telematics solution, how they are distributing devices across their fleet, and the features they find most valuable. We believe that this report to be essential reading for telematics providers servicing the Australian market, helping them meet the needs and expectations of Australian fleets.

The full report is available now to purchase from our webstore.

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