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Telematics in 2021: Is the reality living up to the promise?

Following on from the disruption of 2020, many businesses are conducting structural reviews into their fleet, seeking initiatives that can increase efficiency, and reduce costs. From our perspective, telematics systems, and the insights they provide should play a key role in this process, grounding decisions in verifiable business intelligence.

But are telematics living up to this ideal? As can be seen in the table below, the proportion of Corporate Fleets using telematics has declined since 2018, with only the largest (250+ vehicle) fleets increasing usage. Alongside this, our small and medium-sized Corporate Fleets have seen significant increases when it comes to former telematics users.

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Telematics Market Penetration for Corporate Fleets (20+ vehicles) - ACA Research Telematics Insights Report

This clearly suggests a level of disconnect between providers and the market. Some element of the offering is not delivering to the needs of fleets, which creates an opportunity for operators who can more effectively tailor their offering. Key to this will be understanding the typical use cases and underlying needs of different user groups (including their ability to identify and leverage the insights provided by the telematics system).

The 2020 Corporate Fleet Telematics Insights Report maps the current market landscape, providing insight into the fleets most likely to adopt a telematics solution, how they are distributing devices across their fleet, and the features they find most valuable. We believe that this report to be essential reading for telematics providers servicing the Australian market, helping them meet the needs and expectations of Australian fleets.

The full report is available now to purchase from our webstore, Automotive Insights.

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