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EVs On The Map

We've been talking about electric vehicles a lot this week, particularly about what it would take for them to achieve mass adoption. As we've seen in other countries, that process will typically be achieved with the support of government intervention, which in Australia is most likely to be driven at a state level. In that context, we decided to have a look at EV distribution by state, to see where our early adopters are located.

As shown in the map below (based on ABS data from Jan 2017), one in three EVs are located in Victoria. A close second however is the ACT, reflecting the more progressive natures of many in the capital. While NSW is third, just 15% of vehicles are in this state, against a third of the population. Similarly, QLD has just 5% of the vehicles, against around 20% of the population. If we look at petrol and diesel powered vehicles, we see a distribution much more in line with population statistics.


If we unpack the data a little more closely though, we see that the EV distribution has also shifted quite significantly over time. Looking at the map below, we can see that before 2011, Victoria was the clear hub in Australia for electric vehicles, with almost half of all registrations. Moving to 2011 - 2013, the story changes, with the ACT dominant, and NSW more prominent. Fast forward past 2014, and NSW again grows it share of registrations, with one in four EV registered in this state.


How will this map change in the future? South Australia and Queensland have both made significant commitments to EV infrastructure, as has the ACT, so we'd expect growth in all three jurisdictions. In the ACT they are also however pushing hydrogen as an alternative fuel, so we'd expect to see growth there too. 

For more information about the current state of EVs in Australia, you can contact Ben Selwyn directly.

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