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Don’t Fight It – Telematics are the Fleet Industry’s Future

Telematics are long known to increase productivity, further employee safety and bring financial advantages, it is surprising then, that many fleet operators are still shy about making the investment and implementing telematics to boost their business. In his recent article, Making telematics stack up for the fleet industry, Mark Sibbald makes a case for employing new systems and their ROI by exploring what the industry itself has to say.


The people who aren't in favour of telematics cannot see the financial return. Telematics advocates counter that by saying those people aren't doing their sums right because it's the integration of fleet management expertise with the business processes that delivers the economic benefits.

Telematics isn't just about tracking assets or asset management. That's what fleet managers and fleet management organisations are supposed to be doing. It's about using technology to increase productivity or deliver a better customer experience by tracking a business process.

Ira Friedman, director of sales at Fleetmatics, promises their product will pay back within the first month of usage. "The two biggest expenses for most businesses are labour and fuel so our product is designed to manage these areas for customers. If we can save them 15 minutes a day per person at a conservative rate of $40 per hour, it will provide the payback".  

Not quite convinced yet? Need more food for thought? To read more about why you can no longer turn away from telematics and GPS tracking, read the full article on the Financial Review website.

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