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How Convenience Is Trumping Care For Minor Wound Care Product Purchases

Findings from the most recent ACA Research study into the wound care practices of Australians reveal that, while over 90% of consumers bought wound strips/plasters in the last 6 months, only one-third made the pharmacy their main port of call.

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The study, which surveys the opinions of over 600 Australian consumers buying at least some of their wound care products at pharmacies, found that those buying wound strips/plasters favour major supermarkets.  This leaves pharmacies picking up sales of less frequently purchased and more specialist products such as dressing pads, butterfly stitches, bandages and dressing tape.

Convenience appears to be the main driver of this behavior and indicates that, potentially consumers do not feel they need the level of advice and support they gain from (independent) pharmacies when buying products for more minor wounds. 

However, with around half of consumers experiencing some frustrations with the wound care products they buy and many feeling overwhelmed by the level of choice that exists, there exists a need to encourage consumers to reconsider what they think they know about wound care and stimulate a desire for education.

These findings are taken from ACA Research’s latest Market Lens report. To find out more about this study and how to buy key information relating to the treatment practices for open wounds within the general population, click on the button below.

Market Lens – Market Understanding To Keep You Ahead

If you’re a supplier of wound care products or a pharmacy business trying to work out how to optimise your wound care offer you know how difficult it can be to find the right information to help amplify your sales. What are consumers looking for and where are they looking for it? What are the core outlets consumers are shopping at and why? What are the key messages to build around your products that will help gain traction?

ACA Research’s Market Lens study provides you with a range of key insights into the wound care market, establishing key metrics around consumer purchasing and treatment practices for wounds as well as providing granularity around the mindsets underpinning these decisions. 

Market Lens is an exciting new initiative from ACA Research that aims to turn a spotlight on niche, complex or under-researched markets.  The findings from this study are packaged within a range of reporting options so you only buy what you need.

Please click the button below to download a document that gives you more information about the Wound Care Market Lens study and a list of the reports available for purchase. Alternatively, please contact Heather Jones at ACA Research on 02 9927 3345 to find out more.

ACA Market lens report mapping the wound care market amongst consumers

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