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What are breeders recommending? New release from the 2014 breeder study

Ever wondered what keeps cat and dog breeders up at night and what role they have in passing on product recommendations to the people buying puppies and kittens from them? The ACA Research Dog & Cat Breeder study can help you understand this audience, their preferences and their practices in more depth. Following on from the success of the recent breeder challenges article, this second release of findings focusing on breeder product recommendation practices is now available to download along with an infographic showcasing key findings from the study.

After having a look at our latest infographic, click on the button at the bottom of the page to download this second research report. 

Dog & Cat Breeder Infographic

Click on the button below to download the second part of our free breeders report. In it you will find a more comprehensive display of the information above.


Download our free dog and cat breeders research report snapshot

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