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Global Car Sales 2013: The Medal Table

The 22nd Winter Olympics Games has opened in Sochi, Russia, with 88 nations participating in 98 events. The USA and Canada lead the way in terms of the number of qualifying athletes but how do these countries fare in the global 2013 car sales medal table. And who were the winners in the car marque tables?

ACA Research has taken the end of year global car sales data from Focus2Move and compiled our top 10 country medal table, giving out gold, silver and bronze to the leading brands in each country.

Car Sales 2013

As previously highlighted, China is the world’s largest car market for new car sales, followed by the USA and Japan. Taken together, these three countries account for only 25% of the world's population but almost 50% of 2013 global car sales.

Medal Tally: Which Brands Performed the Best?

At a brand level, Volkswagen and Ford win two and three gold medals respectively, with Toyota, the world’s biggest selling car brand in 2013, only picking up one gold medal in the world’s top 10 markets. This proves the depth of the Toyota brand, having a strong presence, manufacturing facilities and distribution across a diverse range of countries.         

Focusing on the top three countries, there is considerable variation in the category of vehicles that feature in the top three models. 

Top 3 car models of 2013

A Model For Success: The Difference In Medal Winners Between Countries

In the USA, the highly functional, rugged and capable pick-up truck dominates the market, with the Ford F-Series leading the way. These are trucks designed specifically for the American market and have proven to be both popular and profitable for car manufacturers.

By way of contrast, in China, minivans have proved to be a highly popular category of vehicle, and are used at the same time for both small business and family transportation. GM in partnership with Wuling have had success with their development of the Sunshine, a low cost, practical and reliable minivan. However, the gold medal was taken by the Buick Excelle, showing that the Chinese also have a large appetite for luxury foreign cars. 

Finally, Toyota’s leading hybrid models are the most popular vehicles sold in Japan in 2013. Around two in five of Toyota’s sales are reportedly hybrids, demonstrating the importance of environmental considerations in the Japanese car market.

The Australian Automotive market is smaller by comparison to these leading nations, and is more mature compared with some of the emerging nations. Nevertheless, there is still scope for the market to evolve and new products to emerge. ACA Research regularly monitors the Australian automotive industry and collates and compiles market data from various sources, including industry bodies, government statistics and trade reports. Please contact us if you would be interested in discussing this further. 

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