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Auto Market Research: New Technology Presents Challenges for Independent Workshops

Automotive technology is changing rapidly as new cars become smarter, and more inter-connected. Many new cars have a number of computer systems and software which control different parts of the vehicle including: wheels, braking systems and steering. Auto mechanics, particularly those in the independent sector, are facing an uphill battle to keep pace with new technologies.

In a recent Australian market research survey of independent auto mechanics conducted by ACA Research, 72% of workshop owners said that keeping up to date about the latest vehicle technologies and electronic systems was challenging. Just over one in five said it was very challenging.

Top Independent Workshop Challenges

  1. Training and hiring staff with the right skills and knowledge
  2. Getting access to online manuals and support from manufacturers
  3. Investing in new tools and equipment

Most Challenging Technologies

A wide range of technologies were mentioned as presenting a challenge in staying up to date.

  1. Electronic compression ignition engine management systems
  2. Electronically controlled anti-lock systems
  3. European electronic systems

Technology Challenges for Auto Workshops market research australia

In the United States, there has been an ongoing battle between manufacturers and workshops over the OEM’s desire to protect the intellectual property invested in automotive technology and the right for consumers to choose where to have their car repaired.

Next week, we will reveal what workshop owners think about the support they receive from manufacturers when servicing new vehicle technologies. Sign up to 'In The Headlights' to keep up to date with everything automotive!


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