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Australian Auto Market Research: 2013 Trends in Passenger Car Sales

The latest Australian automotive market research from VFACTS showed that passenger vehicle sales figures in September 2013 were down 2.1% on the same month the previous year. The fall is attributed to the previous Government’s proposals to remove the statutory cost rate of 20% for salary sacrificed and employer-provided car fringe benefits.

However, as reported by Focus2Move the incoming coalition Government’s pledge to overturn these proposals appears to have boosted the new passenger car market, with The Australian Fleet Lessors Association reporting a 64% rise in forward orders in the weeks following the election result on 7 September.

Overall, 2013 year to date sales are up 3.9% on 2012.

So which car brands and models are gaining ground and who is looking to end the year on a high?

Top 25 Car brands AustraliaTop car models in AustraliaMitsubishi ‘s YTD market share is up 1% on 2012, and is pushing hard on Nissan for the number six spot, though would need to sell 5,000 more vehicles than Nissan in Q4 to reach that position.

Hyundai and Mazda are both vying for the number three spot, and the sales momentum appears to be with Hyundai.

Toyota still leads the pack by a long way, even though YTD market share has fallen by 1.2%. 39% of Toyota’s total sales in 2013 are accounted for by two vehicles: the Corolla and the Hilux.

Mazda ‘s success is driven by the Mazda3 and the CX-5 which account for 59% of total sales in 2013. The i30 and ix35 account for 51% of Hyundai’s sales in 2013.

Looking at the top 10 car marques sold to date in 2013, four are Utes.

Recognising the important contribution this segment makes to the Australian car market, ACA Research is about to launch Ute Insight, a new multi-client syndicated study about the small and large fleet market. This will provide an in-depth analysis of the behaviour, attitudes and perceptions of decision makers that purchase utes for business purposes.  Please contact us if you would like further information about Ute Insight: email telephone 02 9927 3333.

To view the VFACTS sales data for all of 2014 click here.

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