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Automotive Research: Segmentation Study of Workshops in Australia

Automotive Research Australia

There are approximately 12,600 automotive businesses engaged in the servicing, repair and maintenance of motor vehicles across Australia. While the majority of these businesses operate single sites, collectively these businesses operate more than 15,000 automotive workshops.

Automotive workshops are experiencing a squeeze with concerns expressed over increasing overheads and the need to attract and retain high quality staff. This is a competitive market with workshops required to deliver an efficient, high-quality and reliable service. 

As such automotive workshops are demanding the same services from their suppliers and distributors and are judging them on the factors that they themselves value (or that they themselves struggle to achieve). Automotive workshops are looking for suppliers/distributors to be service driven and to recognise the need to be competitive.

In this complex industry many workshops are juggling their daily regime and business survival with their ambitions of maintaining a competitive edge and their constant strive to get ahead.

Suppliers have an obligation to help these workshops keep up through timely provision of deliveries and adherence to support promises. This obligation is also supported by self-interest with opportunities to get ahead by providing a better service than competitors and thus attaining more business.

Research found that once all service factors are taken care of, automotive workshops would welcome support in:

  1. Education regarding new vehicle technologies.
  2. The provision and training on new business technologies.
  3. Customer service optimisation.
  4. Easy identification of OH&S requirements.

Four classification segments are apparent from the research. The groups here are presented in ascending order of stability;

  1. Help Me
  2. Tech Tools 
  3. Find Me Fitters
  4. No Worries Mate

Please click here to see demographic, behavioural and attitudinal differences betwen these segments.

A telephone methodology was used for this research. We surveyed 266 respondents responsible for purchasing parts in service and repair workshops across Australia. All of the workshops repaired 10 or more vehicles a week.

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