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Australian Petrol Sales Fall

  • Australians purchased 1 billion litres less petrol in the past year compared with 2003.
  • Diesel sales have grown by 8 billion litres annually during the same period.
  • Petrol sales expected to decline further in 2013.

Australians are using roughly 1 billion litres less petrol annually than they were 10 years ago, despite a larger fleet of cars and longer commutes. Read more

Holden Backs Australian Car Industry

Holden says the decision by rival Ford to close its plants in Australia is a reminder of just how tough it is for manufacturers in the country.

Holden chairman and managing director Mike Deveraux said despite Ford's announcement to end local manufacturing, the group believes the industry can survive in Australia and has already adjusted in large part given Ford's relatively low production volumes. Read more

Julia Gillard Backs Car Summit

Julia Gillard has backed union calls for a summit to map out a future for the car industry after Ford's decision to quit manufacturing in Australia after October 2016.

The Prime Minister told a meeting of business chiefs and union bosses yesterday she supported the call by the ACTU "for a strategic discussion on the future of Australia's automotive industry".

She asked Acting Industry Minister Craig Emerson to organise a meeting based on her manufacturing taskforce. Read more

Chinese Automakers' Europe, U.S. Export Plans Clouded by Recalls in Australia

An Australian recall by China's two biggest car exporters - Great Wall and Chery - for potential cancer-producing asbestos parts may threaten plans by Chinese automakers to expand into Europe and the United States amid intensifying competition at home. Read more

Commodore Cuts Crash-risk Costs

Holden's decision to stack the new VF Commodore with as much driver-assist technology as the car could carry has one big advantage – insurance costs are unlikely to go up.

Car insurance industry giant Suncorp said the new Commodore was likely to be an “insurance neutral” upgrade, meaning that despite the introduction of costly-to-replace, lightweight aluminium panels, it should not be any more expensive to insure than a current VE Commodore. Read more


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