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Road Freight Business' Reactions to New Emissions Standards

In November 2013 all new vehicles sold will have to meet tougher Euro 5 new emissions standards that define pollution standards.  ACA Research recently undertook a national study among decision makers in the Australian Road Freight Transport sector to ascertain what level of support exists for adopting new emission standards. The research identified the level of support or rejection of the standards, which segments of the transport industry are in favour, and the reasons underpinning their opinions.

Key findings of this study were:

  • Overall level of support for the new standards is somewhat weak, with just one in three indicating they are in favour.
  • The key driver for support is based on a willingness to reduce the impact of transport operations on the environment.
  • Operators that oppose the new standards express concern over potential for additional expense to run trucks, and impact on vehicle performance and fuel economy.
  • Smaller operators are more resistant to the introduction of new emission standards possibly as a reflection of a lower capacity to absorb or pass on the expected costs.
  • Operators who intend to purchase more than 5 new articulated trucks in the next 12 months are greater supporters of the new emission standards.

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Methodology: A total of 205 decision makers operating Road Freight Transport businesses across Australia participated in the research. The sample is nationally representative of Road Freight Transport operators in Australia. Interviews took place in November 2012. A quantitative telephone methodology was used.


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