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Your Australian Automotive Industry News Update

We have gathered the top 5 Australian automotive industry news articles from the past couple of weeks all in one handy place for you.

Increase heavy vehicle charges by 2.6 percent: NTC

The National Transport Commission has recommended to the transport minister that registration fees and fuel excises charged to Trucking Operators should increase by 2.6% on July 1, mainly to cover the increased expenditure on roads. It increases the pressure on operators incrementally, but the increase is substantially lower than the 10.4% increase recommended last year. Read more...

Heavy Vehicle Regulatory Reform

In July 2009 the Council of Australian Governments (COAG) agreed that a single national heavy vehicle regulatory regime be established.  In January 2013 the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator commenced operations. Their remit is to administer a single set of national heavy vehicle laws replacing the separate, and at times conflicting, regulatory requirements on the heavy vehicle industry between States and Territories. Read more...

TCA launches telematics audit service

Transport Certification Australia (TCA) has unveiled a certified telematics service (CTS) in response to calls for standardisation and independently testing of telematics systems and associated services. Read more...

Mercedes racing to self-driving car

Of all of the manufacturers, Mercedes Benz appears to be in the best position to pioneer the self driving car. The technology featuring a combination of camera and radar sensors, will debut on Mercedes most expensive model, the S-Class, the same model that pioneered the use of ABS and Airbags in a production vehicle. Read more...

New car review: Honda Jazz Hybrid

Alongside Toyota and Lexus, Honda is one of few major manufacturers that has released a hybrid vehicle to the market. Its their third hybrid offering after releasing the Insight and Civic Hybrid in 2010. The new Jazz Hybrid is now the cheapest hybrid vehicle to be release on the market, and its priced at ‘mainstream’ prices making it Australia's most affordable hybrid on the road. This is Drive's review of the new Honda. Read more...

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