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Revealing Deeper Insights into the VFACTS Automotive Sales Data

One of the major indicators of economic prosperity is the willingness of Australian consumers and businesses to purchase new vehicles. The Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries recently released data that describes new vehicles sales for the 2012 calendar year.

ACA Research has run analysis on sales data with the view to understanding how the Australian automotive market has changed over the course of the year. The attached presentation shows how consumer and business demand for new cars have changed, as well as which manufacturers have posted the greatest improvements and losses over the course of the year.

At a market level, the key findings are as follows:

  • 1.112m new vehicles were sold in 2012, up 10.3% from 2011.
  • Approximately 104,000 additional vehicles were purchased in 2012 than in 2011.
  • The growth in new vehicle sales has been fuelled by both private and business buyers, up 13% and 11% respectively. Sales to Government were down by 12%.
  • The fastest growing vehicle segment are SUVs & 4WDs with a 25% increase in volume year on year. Growth in Passenger cars was up by a modest 3.1%.
  • While petrol and diesel powered vehicles represent the overwhelming majority of vehicles sold, there has been strong growth in the demand for hybrid, LPG and electric vehicles in 2012.

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