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Automotive Industry Update - The Latest in Green Vehicle News

A weekly roundup of the most exciting news in the commercial automotive industry. This weeks top stories:

Australian Motorists Shun Green Cars 

Australians appear reluctant to pay more for fuel efficient vehicles, despite hybrid and electric vehicles become more accessible.

More than 98 per cent of private new car buyers chose conventionally powered cars in 2012, with 96 per cent of fleet vehicle sales going to petrol, diesel or LPG fueled vehicles.

The local new car market is home to three electric cars as well as 14 hybrid vehicles that have struggled to strike a chord with motorists. Read more

Peugeot Citroen’s latest automotive innovation “Hybrid Air”

French car manufacturer Peugot Citreon has announced that it will release the first air-powered hybrid car in 2016.  The hybrid will utilize a compressed air system that kicks in when the car runs below 43 MPH. Like other hybrids, a gasoline engine takes over after the car passes its threshold speed. Read more

BMW Toyota Collaborate to develop Lithium-Air Battery

Toyota Motor Corp. and BMW Group are working together on next-generation batteries for green vehicles called "lithium-air" as their collaboration, first announced in late 2011, moves ahead in fuel cells, sports vehicles and other fields.

But both sides said Thursday the partnership will not involve a capital alliance while spanning a wide range of technologies for green vehicles. Read more

Mercedes Benz f-cell Powered Vehicles Pushed Back to 2017

Mercedes-Benz has decided to delay plans for the launch of a mass-produced hydrogen fuel cell vehicle until at least 2017, three years later than it had originally hoped.

The vehicle was to be based on its latest B Class compact MPV sold overseas and feature a powertrain developed using knowledge gained from a trial fleet of hydrogen fuel cell vehicles based on its previous-generation B Class. Read more

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