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How Much do Mechanics Influence Vehicle Sales?

Mechanics have an inherent knowledge of cars, repairs and the regular problems associated with particular vehicle manufacturers. Consumers often seek the opinions of mechanics in their initial research process to help them decide which brands of vehicle to purchase. This market research identifies how often mechanics are asked for their opinions, and which brands they recommend to their customers.

Frequency of Automotive Brand Recommendations

  • 72% of mechanics are asked to make a recommendation on automotive manufacturers once a week or more.
  • 95% of mechanics are asked to make a recommendation once a month or more.

By way of contrast, a similar study was conducted which identified the influence of smash repairers on vehicle brand sales. Smash repairers were asked less frequently. Only 42% we asked weekly and 80% monthly. Mechanics are seen as more trusted advisers than smash repairers. For more information about smash repairers influence on vehicle sales click here.

Mechanics and Automotive Sales Influence Research

Which Automotive Brands Do Mechanics Recommended?

Toyota were recommended by more than half (54%) of mechanics, for new vehicle purchases. Previous research with smash repairers, also identified Toyota as the leading manufacturer they recommend (43%). Mazda is the second most recommended brand with 20% of mechanics prepared to recommend them. Mazda were also identified by smash repairers as a leading brand they would recommend (14%). 

Brand Recommendations Automotive Vehicle Research

We will be running the Mechanics Omnibus again in 2013, to find out when, download our 2013 omnibus calendar here. 

Methodology: A total of 266 mechanics from service and repair workshops across Australia participated in the research. To qualify these workshops repaired 10 or more vehicles per month. Data has been weighted by state to ensure the sample represents workshops in Australia.Interviews took place from 20th September to 12th October 2012. A quantitative telephone methodology was used.

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