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New Pet Care Market Research Reveals Insights for Industry

Recently completed research into pet care highlights key consumer attitudes towards pet care and pet health. This market research provides valuable insights for those within the pet care industry. The findings identify two significant areas of interest:

1. Impact on owners' life

The majority of pet owners believe that owning a pet has a significant positive impact on their life. 82% of owners agree that having a pet helps them reduce their levels of stress, while 83% agree that having a pet has improved their quality of life. Interestingly, 57% agree that having a pet has made their children more responsible.  

2. Pet Health

Almost all (92%) of the respondents agree that their pet is in good health for its age with 70% believing that their pet is not overweight and 63% that their pet is well trained. All in all, a positive perception of their pet and its health.  

Market Research Attitudes to Pet Care

We will be running this survey again in 2013. Download our Omnibus Calendar to see when, or alternatively view our other blogs.


A total of 1009 surveys were conducted among dog and cat owners: 508 cat owners and 501 dog owners. Respondents were the primary carer for their pet. The sample was representative of the national adult population. An online quantitative methodology was used. Fieldwork was carried out between the 21st September and 11th October 2012.  

Topics: Market Research Animal Health Research