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Commercial Automotive Market Research Shows Times Are A-Changin’

model most likely to purchaseHyundai iLoad van drivers are the most satisfied owners - according to market research data we collected as part of ‘Commercial Vans Insight’ brand health and segmentation study, which we conducted in late 2011, but Toyota HiAce, despite losing some ground to the iLoad is still the most likely model to be purchased.

The outlook for the future

The future looks bright for manufacturers with nearly two thirds of those organisations that own vans intending to purchase at least one van in the next 12 months. Furthmore, Nearly one quarter predict an increase in van purchases, compared to the previous year. The segments with the highest levels of increased purchase intent are:

  • Organisations with 1 van or more than 5 vans
  • Organisations in the building, transport and wholesale/retail sectors.
  • Vans are typically replaced at an age or kilometre limit. The majority of vans will be replaced after 3-4 years or before 180,000 kilometres. 

What are purchasers looking for?

When purchasers are assessing vans, they take into account numerous factors, some of which include:

  • Suitability & performance
  • Safety & comfort
  • Size & dimensions
  • Running costs
  • Price
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Dealer network/parts availability

How satisfied are van owners?

Overall, van owners are a content bunch, producing healthy satisfaction scores. The Hyundai iLoad leads the way with a mean satisfaction level of 8.6 out of 10, followed by the Toyota HiAce (8.3), Volkswagon Caddy (8.2) and the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter (8.0).

Which models are buyers most likely to purchase?

The majority of buyers (28%) are still most likely to purchase the Toyota HiAce. However, the Hyundai iLoad is close behind with 20% indicating it as the model they would most likely purchase. 

Where are buyers looking for information?

 When making purchasing decisions, fleet managers rely on the following sources for information:

  • Recommendation (Drivers, Peers, Manufacturers, Fleet Management Companies)
  • Manufacturer dealerships and sales teams
  • Internet
  • Seeing vans on the road
  • Reports and reviews in magazines & newspapers

Find out more

If you’d like to see some more findings from the study, download a free copy of our eBook Commercial Vans Insights.


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