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Home on the road

With more and more Australians heading off on overseas holidays to destinations like Thailand, Bali, Japan, and the UK or US, one could believe that the tradition of the great Australian road trip has been lost. Looking into this though, we feel that this isn't really a true reflection, particularly when it comes to caravanning.

According to the 2017 ABS Motor Vehicle Census, there are more than 260,000 registered caravans in Australia. If we break this down by state, we see some clear preferences, with more than one in four of these being found in South Australia or Western Australia. On the flipside, people in NSW appear less into caravanning holidays.


While it's interesting to look at who owns caravans, it's also very relevant to look at which type of caravan they own. As we see in the chart below, there is a clear leader, with Jayco holding an impressive 52% of the Australian market (and showing that when it comes to caravanning, Australians do love to buy local).


Digging further into the age of the caravans in the parc also lets us see even more clearly just how dominant Jayco is in this market. Among older caravans (pre-2011), a range of brands are present, with brands like Coromal, Viscount, Windsor, and Cub all having a substantial number of vehicles on road. If we look however the most recent time period (which lines up with the introduction of the luxury Silverline Caravan and Journey Pop Top), Jayco outperforms any other brand by a factor of 10.


If you've got questions about this, or the broader make-up of the Australian car parc, please feel free to contact Ben Selwyn directly.

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