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Mark Bastoulis

Mark Bastoulis

Mark joined the team after completing undergraduate degrees in Business and Laws, leveraging the analytical and problem-solving skills he developed to best help clients. He is currently involved in projects in the Automotive, Technology, Healthcare and Construction sectors.

Recent Posts by Mark Bastoulis:

Economic Recovery and Capital Investment

The Australian economy has faced significant challenges over the past 12 months. Given this (and the reality of an ongoing global pandemic), it's very pleasing to see a level of positivity re-emerging in the Australian business community. According to the March edition of the ACA Research COVID-19 SME Monthly Tracker, half of SMEs expect Australian economic conditions to strengthen over the next three months. This stands in stark contrast to their expectations of the global economy, with just one in four SMEs expecting to see this level of recovery outside of Australia.

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The Growth of Chinese Vehicle Sales

Australia ended 2020 with over 100,000 fewer new vehicle sales than the year before. While this is understandable given the impact of COVID-19, we feel that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Australian new car sales (as at Feb '21) have now risen for the fourth consecutive month, with the market recording a 5% YoY jump in February off the back of almost 85,000 new vehicles sold. Encouragingly, this growth is almost entirely driven by consumers (YoY sales up 16%), as they regain the confidence to start spending on big-ticket items.

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The Australian COVID-19 Recovery – An Outlook for 2021

The Australian economy is poised for recovery as we leave behind a traumatic 2020. The combination of an extended period without new community cases, and the start of the vaccine rollout have brought a note of optimism to the community, driving increased confidence among both consumers and businesses as we look to the year ahead.

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