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Ben Selwyn

Ben Selwyn

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Reimagining Fleet Management - EROAD Fleet Day 2022

ACA Research director and partner Ben Selwyn presented the results of the company’s third edition of its Fleets Insights report at the EROAD Fleet Day 2022, under the theme of Reimagining Fleet Management.

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May 2022 New Vehicle Sales Trends

June is typically one of the biggest months of the year when it comes to new vehicle sales, as consumers and fleets look to take advantage of the End of Financial Year sales. We're still waiting to see how it plays out in 2022, given the different circumstances we're facing this year, but in the meantime here are five key themes we've seen emerge over the first five months of this year.

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2022 Trends in Australian Fuel Usage

Over the past couple of years, we've heard a lot about decreased mobility (i.e. people working from home with their car spending more time sitting in the garage. Various data sources support this, demonstrating that overall levels of movement have been down through the pandemic, with more localised activities (e.g. trips to neighbourhood parks) becoming more common. 

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Commercial Vehicles Kick The Year Off With A Bang

The first month of 2022 vehicle sales data from VFACTS is out and makes for interesting reading. January saw 75,863 new vehicles sold (down 3,803 from last year), as OEMs continue to face global supply shortages. While there is hope these shortages will ease as the year continues, it's not all bad news. Where vehicles are available, sales results are strong, with Micro cars, People Movers, Utes, and Light SUVs all performing well. Looking at commercial vehicles beyond utes, we can also see strong results for Smaller Light Buses (<20 seats), and the Heavy Commercial segment. At a category level though, it's definitely commercial vehicles leading the way as we move into 2022.

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VFACTS June 2021: A Strong Result, Or Starting To Slip?

June is an odd month when it comes to new car sales, with fleets bringing forward spending to take advantage of EOFY tax incentives, and consumers out hunting for bargains. Well publicised stock shortages make things more complicated this year, with some manufacturers likely to lose sales because they can’t deliver vehicles for 3, 6, or even 9 months.

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The 2021 AfMA Conference Recap

Steve, Bayee and I were very pleased to join a range of industry representatives at the 2021 Australasian Fleet Management Association conference in Melbourne in May. Bringing together fleet operators, OEMs, FMOs and a range of other suppliers to the sector, the conference provided a fantastic opportunity to hear from a range of industry experts, see some of the latest vehicles and technologies in action, and network (in person) with old and new acquaintances.

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VFACTS May 2021: Another Strong Result For New Vehicle Sales

VFACTS have just published the May 2021 new car sales figures, and they make for some pretty astounding reading, with more than 100,000 new vehicles sold over the past 31 days. This is particularly true when we consider the fact that in many cases, these are orders that won't be completed for 3, 6, or even 9 months. Unpacking the results, here are five key themes that highlight the extent of the recovery we've seen over the past 12 months.

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The Evolution of The Australian Telematics Market

Corporate Fleets are split on telematics. While many of them are currently using or considering telematics systems, we can also see a growing cohort who have walked away from the technology. This tells us that the offering still isn't quite right, particularly when it comes to our smaller and mid-sized fleets. 

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Unpacking The Jan 2021 New Vehicle Sales Recovery

January 2021 saw the new year start with a bang, as almost 80,000 vehicles were sold off the back of further easing in COVID-19 restrictions, and the Australian economy returning to a more ‘normal’ business setting. Year on year, this resulted in double digit growth (up 11.1% vs. January 2020). While that appears strong at face value, does it hold true once we dig a little deeper.

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A Return To Normality?

November sees a number of changes to life in Australia, as Melbourne (and Victoria more broadly) returns to a greater semblance of normality. Anecdotal feedback suggests that we'll see that reflected in financial results over the next month, as Victorians take advantage of the opportunity to see friends, and relatives, visit cafes and restaurants, and generally enjoy an increased level of freedom.

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