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Bayee Wang

Bayee Wang

Bayee joined the team with a background in media industry research. With an undergraduate degree in Finance and an honours degree in Philosophy, he has a strongly numerical and logical approach to problem solving.

Recent Posts by Bayee Wang:

VFACTS July 2021: The Lockdown Effect

Following the initial shock of the COVID 19 pandemic, we saw a resurgence in new vehicle sales through the first half of 2021. After more than a year under the spectre of a pandemic, consumers seem to have accepted the new reality, helping them overcome a level of the uncertainty that we’ve seen in the market through much of this period. The removal of international travel has also created opportunities, increasing demand for off-road capable and family vehicles as these international trips are replaced with domestic ones. These trends are reflected in this year’s sales numbers, where we can see a steady recovery across passenger, SUV, and LCV. This has been consistent so far, with each month comfortably outperforming the same period last year.

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Telematics in 2021: Is the reality living up to the promise?

Following on from the disruption of 2020, many businesses are conducting structural reviews into their fleet, seeking initiatives that can increase efficiency, and reduce costs. From our perspective, telematics systems, and the insights they provide should play a key role in this process, grounding decisions in verifiable business intelligence.

But are telematics living up to this ideal? As can be seen in the table below, the proportion of Corporate Fleets using telematics has declined since 2018, with only the largest (250+ vehicle) fleets increasing usage. Alongside this, our small and medium-sized Corporate Fleets have seen significant increases when it comes to former telematics users.

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