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Christmas Cheer for SMEs as Strong Revenue, Jobs and Investment Data Point to a Happy New Year

Road to Recovery Continues with SME JobKeeper Claims Dropping to 26%

Content tops marketing budget priorities moving into 2021

SME Recruitment Drive Hindered by a Lack of Candidates

A Return To Normality?

Stronger Revenue & Jobs Data Drives SME Sentiment Higher

Positive Momentum Continues with 41% of SMEs reporting higher revenues in September

Consumer Confidence Up, But Business Remains Cautious

Positive Momentum Pushes SME Confidence Higher

SME Optimism Increasing Despite Government Bickering

SME Revenues Looking Stronger

47% of SMEs expect salary increases to be frozen for at least 12 months

42% of SMEs in Victoria anticipate declining revenue over the next 4 weeks

Retail Sales the Bright Light as Business and Consumer Confidence Fall

SME confidence devastated by  second wave

Planning For Recovery - The COVID-19 Recovery Playbook

48% of SMEs likely to reduce employee numbers if JobKeeper payments are not extended

75% of SMEs want current stimulus measures extended until 2021

SME confidence rising despite concerns about closed borders

Declining SME confidence as Government mudslinging creates uncertainty

51% of SMEs expect revenue to return to pre-COVID levels by October

Only 22% of SMEs predicting revenues to increase over the next 4 weeks

SME satisfaction with the Government stimulus drops as more businesses cut staff

Businesses feeling full impact of COVID restrictions with 74% reporting a decline in revenue

41% of SME’s now very concerned about survival due to COVID-19

Two Thirds of SMEs Report Decline in Revenue: COVID-19 SME Weekly Tracker Wave 1

The Technologies That Are Shaping The Fleet Of The Future

Exploring The 2019 Australian Car & Truck Parc

New Car Sales Mid-Year Update

Carways improves driver safety with Macquarie Telecom

Will Holden be able to... hold-on?

Trends In The Commercial Van Market

Half of Australia’s workforce reports businesses are under-utilising their skills

Is The Future Medium Duty?

ORIX makes a MOOV for Australian SMEs

The changing nature of public transport

Replacing 'Australian-Made'

How responsible are you for your employees?

Truck manufacturers on track for a record sales year in 2018

3 Facts About Electric Vehicles in Australia

Vehicle Usage in Australia

Vehicle Pooling in Australian Fleets

The Australian FMO footprint

EVs On The Map

The road to EV mass adoption

Home on the road

Fun on two wheels

A sea of data

Novated Lease

DriveMyCar shifts the gears of the car hire industry with Peugeot

AfMA National Conference 2018

Autocare, AfMA & more

Why Your Ageing Workforce Could Be Your Biggest Asset

The Globalisation of Automotive Manufacturing

It's The End Of The World As We Know It (But Maybe I Feel Fine)

Preparing For The Next Wave Of Automotive Technology

Diesel Is Far From Dead

2017 Vehicle Sales – Trends in the Australian Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market

January 2018 Vehicle Sales – Trends in the Australian Motor Vehicle Market

3 BIG Auto Innovations At CES 2018

2017 Australian New Vehicles Sales Year in Review

How is Australia preparing for the electric and autonomous future of transportation?

How much? - A quick look at the price for ute parts in Australia

2017 October Trends Special: The Tokyo Motor Show

September 2017 Vehicle Sales – Trends in the Australian Motor Vehicle Market

Amazon in Australia might not be the end of retail as we know it

To Uber or not? Why car ownership may no longer be a good deal

Football, meat pies, kangaroos and (not) Holden cars

Major Auto Markets Spearhead Global Push To Electric Vehicles

August 2017 Vehicle Sales – Trends in the Australian Motor Vehicle Market

Australian SME Efficiency Rising, But Progress Hampered by Lack of Finance and Skilled Staff: Survey

ePathology –Patient Centricity & Physician Simplicity?

July 2017 Vehicle Sales – Trends in the Australian Automotive Market

June 2017 Vehicle Sales - Trends in the Australian Automotive Market

eHealth – The Ecstasy And The Agony Of Data-Driven Care

The Rise of Transport as a Service (TaaS)

Future Vehicles Will Revolutionise Freight Logistics

Autonomous Trucks Will Soon Be Part of Your Fleet

Interview with Jeremy Paton - Avaya

Getting the Most Value From Fleet Telematics

'Times-a-Changin' - Consumer Directed Aged Care Is Now A Reality

2016 Vehicle Sales – Trends In The Australian Automotive Market

Refining the Web and Dealership Customer Experience

The Future Of Australian Road Transport

7 Key Take-Aways from the 2016 Automotive Finance Insight Report

Giving A Little VR Joy This Holiday Season

Digital Disruption Changing Landscape Of Automotive Finance

Vehicle Ownership versus Shared Car Services

Auto Sales in Australia Set to Witness Paradigm Shift

Uber’s US Driverless Fleet Launch and What it Means For APAC

Luxury Car Purchases On Rise In Australia

Wearable technology transforming healthcare delivery

No Longer The Lone Voice – The Importance Of Voice-Of-The-Customer Research In Healthcare

The Times They Are A-Changin’…..How Technology Is Disrupting The Road Freight Transport Industry

With You On The Journey: The Rise Of Mobile Apps As Facilitators Of Patient Management

2015 Vehicle Sales – Trends In The Australian Automotive Market

Commonwealth Bank of Australia : It’s Common Cents: Young Australians are eager earners and savvy spenders but could be better budgeters

Championing Aged Care Services – The Complexities Of Compliance Vs. Connection

Future Focus - What Do Vets Believe The Practice Of 2020 Will Be Like?

Top 3 Business Benefits Of Autonomous Vehicles For Commercial Fleets

New Automotive Market Research:The Automotive Vehicle Finance Purchase Journey in 2015

Latest Automotive Market Research Shows Australian Car Buyers Are Turning Their Backs On Volkswagen In The Wake Of The Emissions-Rigging Scandal

The Road Ahead Looks Positive for Automotive Financing

Electronic Work Diaries To Boost Telematics Use in Road Freight Transport Industry

Don’t Fight It – Telematics are the Fleet Industry’s Future

New Automotive Research: How Corporate Fleet Managers Are Preparing For The End Of Australian Made Cars

Trends in telematics adoption and compliance management in road freight transport industry

Pharmacy Wound Care Insights

What Health Food Store Managers Anticipate Selling More Of In 2015

Online Shopping for Pet Food: Who, Where, and Why?

2014 Vehicle Sales – Trends In The Australian Automotive Market

Spend Intentions by Australian Pet Owners

Telematics Adoption in Corporate Fleets

Running A Health Food Store Can Be Challenging

Innovation The Key To Future Of Australian Heavy Commercial Vehicle Market

Key Population Statistics Behind the Aged Care Reform and What They Mean for Organisations Operating in the Aged Care Sector

What are breeders recommending? New release from the 2014 breeder study

What does the Aged Care Reform Package Mean For Aged Care Organisations?

Businesses Focus on Growth Opportunities Despite Fall In Confidence

New Automotive Research: Optimistic Outlook For Independent Automotive Workshops

Latest 2014 Dog & Cat Breeder Research Results Released

Australian Auto Market Research: 2014 Vehicle Sales Half-Time Report

Automotive Research: Use of Technology to Manage Compliance in Road Freight Transport Industry

Australian Auto Market Research: Businesses Continue to Rein in Fleet Purchases in 2014

Automotive Research: How Insurance Companies Are Transforming Motor Vehicle Repair Industry

Keeping an Eye on The Financial Review

The Changing Face of Healthcare Apps: From Calorie Counters to Life Savers

Taking The Lead: Using Market Research To Drive Thought Leadership

Automotive market research: Toyota and Ford Lead the Way in Commercial Ute Market

The Operating Room of The Future

Drivers of Telematics Adoption in Passenger and Light Commercial Fleets

Which Medical Career Should Your Kids Follow? Interesting Insights From GradStats

It used to be "too many cooks." Comment on the veterinary unemployment (and under employment) situation

The Telematics Maturity Curve

New Automotive Research: The Outlook for the Commercial Van Market

Planning For Retirement Living: A Case of Active Rejection or Just Simply Failing to Register? [Infographic]

The Changing Face of the Car Dealership

2014 Spend Intentions by Pet Owners

New Automotive Research Shows Online Applications For Automotive Finance Grow by 32%

Australian Auto Market Research: Businesses Rein in Fleet Purchases in January 2014

Market Research Reveals Key Challenges Facing Pharmacists in Australia

Businesses Anticipate Better Year Ahead With Confidence Climbing to New Highs

Global Car Sales 2013: The Medal Table

Vets Need More Support – Market Research Report into Australian Veterinary Needs

New Automotive Research Shows The Importance of The Online Channel When Buying Car Insurance

New Automotive Research: The Use of Telematics in Road Freight Transport Companies

Australian Auto Market Research: 2013 Vehicle Sales

New Automotive Research Shows the Importance of Novated Leasing to the Australian Car Market

Telematics and Fleet Management – A Revolution is Coming

The Chinese Way - Automotive research shows impact on car makers

Automotive Industry Update: Innovations in Telematics

New Research Shows Auto Dealers Winning Fight for Finance Customers

New Research: Manufacturer Support for Australian Auto Workshops

Auto Market Research: New Technology Presents Challenges for Independent Workshops

Australian Auto Market Research: 2013 Trends in Passenger Car Sales

US Research into Automotive Customers' Buying Behaviour

Auto Research: Significant Increase in Global Vehicle Sales in 2013

Automotive Research: Segmentation Study of Workshops in Australia

Market Research Identifies Tough Times Ahead for Pharmacies

Automotive Market Research Reveals Smash Repairers Under Pressure

Building & Construction Research: Architects Display Positive Market Outlook

The Latest News and Updates for the Automotive Market

Australia top selling car data (2012) shows shift to Japanese brands

4x4 Utes lead the way in Light Commercial Vehicle Sales

Australian SUV Market up by 25%

Australian Automotive Passenger Market Update

The Australian Vehicle and Finance Purchase Journey [An Infographic]

Road Freight Business' Reactions to New Emissions Standards

Your Australian Automotive Industry News Update

Australian Hospitals - Funding and Expenditure

Revealing Deeper Insights into the VFACTS Automotive Sales Data

Animal health market research in Australia and NZ

Automotive Industry Update - The Latest in Green Vehicle News

Two Brands Dominate Automotive Parts Supply in Australia

Market Outlook For The Commercial Vans Sector: An infographic

The Current State of the Commercial Van Market: An Infographic

Automotive Research Shows Mechanics Face Lean Times

How Much do Mechanics Influence Vehicle Sales?

Research Reveals Negative Outlook for Vehicle Smash Repairers

Are Smash Repairers Influencing Your Automotive Vehicle Sales?

New Pet Care Market Research Reveals Insights for Industry

Automotive Finance Lender Research: Converting Awareness to Market Share

Market Research for Finance Lenders Unveiled

Pet Care Market Research: 30% Expect Pet Care Costs to Increase in 2013

Market Research Reveals Drivers Behind Vehicle Choice

Market Research Uncovers Automotive Finance Purchase Behavior

Aussie Farms and Tourism: A Stronger Link

Agriculture: Rising to the Challenges of Future Population Growth

Australia: Not just a one-shot economy

Commercial Automotive Market Research Shows Times Are A-Changin’

Automotive Research: What Major Challenges Face Commercial Fleets?