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Dissecting the hospital sector to piece together a new opportunity


Our client was looking to bring a new specialist therapy to a sector of the market that is dominated by low-cost generic products. This drug required initiation in the hospital environment, soon after admission and its use was likely to be heavily impacted by the hospital setting and structure.


Qualitative research was conducted at the key patient touch-points in the patient journey within the varying different hospital settings, to identify current treatment practice, likely usage scenarios, key users, barriers to use and product potential. Patients with this condition were treated in a number of departments in a typical hospital, but not all departments were appropriately staffed to administer this drug. The ACA Research Healthcare team specialise in research specifically in the Hospital sector and were well placed to tease out this market and add value to the client here.


The results were used to determine the key hospital settings most likely to take up this product in the first instance, as well as key states that were more open to investing in a product of this type. The research also pinpointed the key departments of the hospital where this product would be used - and singled-out the appropriate HCPs to be administering this product. This research informed subsequent hospital targeting, positioning and product messaging. Additional quantitative patient treatment flow research and a pricing evaluation was also carried out.

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 ACA Research clearly understood our specialty market and what was needed to further develop it. This understanding and ability to engage customers ensured we uncovered critical market information that has been invaluable to our business.  I appreciate ACA Research in terms of their responsiveness, passon and results that have enabled us to build strategies that have achieved market success

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