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Our client wanted to conduct research with primary school children around their level of financial literacy, identifying newsworthy and compelling angles to feed into a media campaign.


ACA Research conducted a quantitative study with children aged 5 – 12 and their parents, inviting parents to complete the first half of the survey and then getting their permission for their child to complete the second half. The research needed a strong central theme, so advanced analytical approaches helped us develop national financial literacy indexes for both children and parents.

While the parent / child approach to surveying was selected partly to ensure that we complied with AMSRS guidelines on research with young children, it also enabled ACA Research to make direct comparisons between each child and their parent in terms of financial literacy and understanding, identifying the areas of financial knowledge that parents are most (and least) successful at passing down.


The outputs from this research helped our client identify the areas where Australian children were most and least knowledgeable. This supported the client’s message that children need additional support in developing their financial understanding, and helped them generate earned media to feed into the campaign.



ACA Research not only conducted this very complex study on time and in budget, but also provided extensive outputs over and above the excellent research insights. These additional outputs included infographics, personas, playbooks and CVP’s. Accordingly,  the outcomes of this project have been embraced by all stakeholders and quickly embedded into our sales and marketing activities. I would recommend ACA Research to anyone looking for an agency with an intimate knowledge of the financial services sector

A Satisfied ACA Research Client