Financial Services Research

Playing to win


Our client identified a number of high growth industry verticals and required insights for each sector about the business and financial needs of customers in order to achieve acquisition and retention goals.


Qualitative and quantitative research was conducted with business owners and financial decision makers in each industry vertical. ACA Research used a combination of desk research, in depth interviews, contextual enquiries and telephone interviews to understand business goals and needs, financial needs, product requirements, and communications preferences.


The outputs from the research include playbooks for each industry which have helped our client design and deploy a successful customer centric marketing strategy to drive engagement, credibility, and preference.

This is underpinned by communications, campaigns and sales tools that speak directly to the needs of customers and value propositions that mean the most to the customer. 



ACA Research not only conducted this very complex study on time and in budget, but also provided extensive outputs over and above the excellent research insights. These additional outputs included infographics, personas, playbooks and CVP’s. Accordingly,  the outcomes of this project have been embraced by all stakeholders and quickly embedded into our sales and marketing activities. I would recommend ACA Research to anyone looking for an agency with an intimate knowledge of the financial services sector

A Satisfied ACA Research Client