Fieldwork Services Case Study

Driving success - dealer internal compliance and competency audit


Our client, a global car manufacturer, wished to assess the competency levels of their dealership network, across the areas of Sales, Service and Spare Parts.


Our trained team of dedicated executive auditors were sent out to 44 appointed dealerships across Australia to conduct a compliance audit that assessed performance against standards set by the car manufacturer.

Before conducting the audit, the team of auditors participated in a rigorous training process, provided by the client’s head office, to understand how the dealerships operated across all states.

They then conducted interviews with the Dealer Principal and/or Managers across the key departments on topics as far reaching as staff training, operational procedures and stock/inventory practices. Thousands of photos of the facilities and staff presentation were taken as evidence of compliance.

The team provided the results in an extensive and structured format, as determined by the head office. These reports included images, personal observations and examples. 


The results were used to pin-point significant local operational issues which in turn enabled our client to strengthen the competitiveness of the dealer network and establish medium to long-term business plans. This work helped our client build a strong foundation for sustainable growth.


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 The ACA team were a blast to work with! We needed a competent vendor that we could almost go on "autopilot" with. We trusted you guys to execute the job while we kind of relaxed a bit, and it worked!

A Satisfied ACA Research Client