Fieldwork Services Case Study

A perfect puzzle – mystery shopping in the prestige car market


For the last 15 years, our client, a leading manufacturer of prestige cars, has commissioned us to conduct mystery shopping with both competitor dealerships and their own dealerships across Australia and New Zealand. This research is required to help them evaluate how the sales opportunity has been handled across different communication channels including web, over the phone and face-to-face. 


Monthly mystery shopping exercises are conducted, with our shoppers fully engaged in the complete process including; making enquiries, conducting test drives, entering into negotiations and obtaining quotes.  

We work hard to ensure that the recruitment of the mystery shopping team, their script and approach are carefully designed to ensure that the suspicions of the dealerships are not raised unduly. 

The results are then communicated directly to the dealership, providing the dealership with insights in a time effective manner. This enables them to respond immediately and effectively to correct any potential issues and develop a successful approach.


The findings of this research have enabled our client to understand the level of service and pricing provided at the dealership as well as allowing them to benchmark their performance against competitor dealerships.  

It also contributes to identifying training opportunities for key sales consultants and dealerships. The fast turn-around of the mystery shopping results has allowed dealerships to act quickly to remediate areas that could potentially cause the loss of a sales opportunity.


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 The ACA team were a blast to work with! We needed a competent vendor that we could almost go on "autopilot" with. We trusted you guys to execute the job while we kind of relaxed a bit, and it worked!

A Satisfied ACA Research Client