Fieldwork Services Case Study

In it for the long haul – pricing strategy development for trucks


Our overseas client, a leading global market research firm working for a German manufacturer of prime mover and rigid trucks, wanted to build an understanding of the price competitiveness of long haulage truck offers in the Australian market.


A team of dedicated, highly trained interviewers who frequently conduct interviews with respondents in the Road Freight Transport industry were assigned to the task.

The interviewers recruited and conducted telephone interviews using a clear, well-structured quantitative survey with companies who had purchased long haulage prime movers, within the last 12 months.

A total of 150 interviews were completed providing a good overview of the market and robust data on our end client’s market share, their pricing offers and perceived total costs of ownership in comparison to their competitors in the Australian market. 


The results were used to determine the competitiveness of our client’s offer and they used the information to develop an optimal pricing strategy for their newly launched Australian model.


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 “The ACA team were a blast to work with! We needed a competent vendor that we could almost go on "autopilot" with. We trusted you guys to execute the job while we kind of relaxed a bit, and it worked!

A Satisfied ACA Research Client