Customer Experience Research

Banking on the digital economy


Our client, a leading financial services company, wanted to improve their understanding of the customer experience across their various digital channels. This required the development of robust and trackable measures to feed into internal KPIs and provide a holistic perspective on the multi-channel experience.


We developed a program which uses a quantitative online survey to measure the customer experience across all digital channels. Key metrics (net promoter score, channel and overall satisfaction) are reported on a regular basis and driver analysis identifies the key factors which determine customer experience outcomes.


The program has become embedded in the organisation, with the results used for team and individual KPIs and to inform strategic planning. At a tactical level, customer feedback has been used to inform the development of new digital tools and applications. The key business outcomes have been an improvement in the customer experience and an increase in market share.


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“ACA Research have provided our business with valuable feedback from our business partners and customers that we have been able to act upon. The follow-up research has proven that focused feedback and action can deliver the improvements required for our business. Thank you ACA.

A Satisfied ACA Research Client