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Bringing back the bite


Our client’s animal health supplement was first to market in its category. However, this market has experienced a recent surge in competing products and promotional messages meaning that the product’s clinically proven point of difference was lost in the ‘noise’.  There was a need to build a picture of this new market landscape and the basis upon which competing offers are evaluated to align marketing messages with market needs and build a compelling value proposition for the brand.


While exploration and understanding was required, the key requirement was for reliable and repeatable metrics on which a sound business strategy could be built. The resultant online survey was piloted extensively in a face-to-face setting with pet owners and store visits were undertaken to ensure all key behavioural and attitudinal metrics were captured.  The survey comprised both a U&A study and a purchase decision walk-through for the last product purchased.


The research provided our client with a wealth of market, brand and purchasing information, including understanding of the core product messages that stimulated repeat purchase and switching in-store.  With this information and an understanding of where and how to provide these messages our client was able to position their product more effectively, driving reappraisal of their offer within an increasingly price competitive environment. 

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 “Our aim was to build understanding of the market for livestock feed in Australia to inform a detailed business launch plan for a global pharmaceutical company. From the point of commissioning, the process was very well communicated and managed by ACA Research. They were flexible and responsive to our specific needs and their final report provided the insight and detail we needed.  We were delighted with the quality of the final report and found it provided us with new learning about the market place to inform our strategy.  We would highly recommend ACA Research to prospective clients.”

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